meeting meet‧ing [ˈmiːtɪŋ] noun [countable]
an event at which people meet to talk and decide things:

• We had a meeting yesterday to discuss progress.

• It was decided to hold a shareholders' meeting later this month.

• Two of the directors refused to attend the board meeting.

• I've been in a meeting all afternoon.

• The preliminary findings will be presented at a meeting next week.

meeting with

• Representatives of Middle Eastern banks were due in London this morning for a meeting with Bank of England officials.

meeting between

• a meeting between unions and management

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At a meeting
The chairperson or chair is the person in charge of a meeting, especially an official meeting. He or she chairs the meeting. The agenda is a list of subjects to be discussed in the meeting. The last item on the agenda is usually AOB (= any other business ) . This is the time when people can discuss things that were not on the agenda. The minutes are an official record of what is said and decided at a meeting, and they often contain action points (= things that must be done as a result of the meeting ) .
Meetings at work
A briefing is a meeting at which someone is given instructions and information about work they will be doing. A session is a meeting that has a particular purpose:

• a training session.

A conference call is a telephone call involving several people in different places discussing something. A video conference is a meeting in which people in different places can see and speak to each other using special equipment.
Large official meetings
A conference is a large formal meeting, usually lasting a day or several days, where people discuss important matters or subjects related to their job:

• a sales conference.

A congress is an official meeting of representatives of different groups to discuss ideas, give information, and make decisions. A summit is an important meeting or round of meetings between the leaders of several governments:

• the G8 summit.

ˌannual ˌgeneral ˈmeeting abbreviation AGM , ˌannual ˈmeeting FINANCE
1. an official yearly meeting of the shareholders and directors of a company, at which the company's account S are presented, the auditor S are chosen, and the amount of dividend is decided, as required by law:

• Two of the directors are standing for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.

2. a yearly meeting of the members of an organization such as a club, trade union, association etc to discuss matters relating to their organization
ˌcompany ˈmeeting FINANCE
a formal meeting of the shareholders and directors of a company:

• Some shareholders criticised the chairman's statement at a recent company meeting.

ˈcreditors' ˌmeeting FINANCE
a meeting where creditors of a bankrupt company are told how much each of them will be repaid:

• It would take several months to organize the creditors' meeting and asset sale.

extraˌordinary ˈmeeting also extraˌordinary ˌgeneral ˈmeeting abbreviation EGM FINANCE
a meeting of the shareholders and directors of a company to discuss subjects that cannot wait until the next annual general meeting:

• Shareholders will attend an extraordinary general meeting to vote on the recent management changes.

ˌstatutory ˈmeeting LAW
in Britain, a meeting that must, by law, be held between one and three months after a company starts doing business, in which shareholders discuss matters relating to the forming of the company:

• They hadadjourned (= delayed ) their statutorymeeting beyond the limit time.

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meeting UK US /ˈmiːtɪŋ/ noun [C] MEETINGS
an occasion when a group of people meet in order to discuss something: »

In a statement issued after the meeting, the board announced their decision to go ahead with the merger .

have/hold a meeting »

The FSA will hold a meeting to discuss possible compensation payouts on Monday.

at/in/during a meeting »

A framework agreement will be signed next week during a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

last/next meeting »

There was speculation that the Fed may cut its lending rate from 5.25% before its next meeting.

a meeting with sb »

The bank announced the expanded cost cuts in a meeting with analysts after the close of trading.

a meeting between sb/sth and sb/sth »

No meeting has yet taken place between senior management and union representatives.

be in/go to/attend a meeting »

Over 200 people attended the meeting at the company's headquarters in San Diego.

schedule/arrange/cancel a meeting »

We will be holding a meeting next week with industry analysts.

chair a meeting »

He chaired a meeting of senior Ministers last Thursday to discuss five-year plans for reforms.

a meeting of leaders/delegates/shareholders »

Two new directors were elected to the board at the annual meeting of shareholders.


a board/committee/shareholder meeting


monthly/weekly meetings


an informal/formal/official meeting


a high-level/top-level meeting


an upcoming/scheduled meeting

See also ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING(Cf. ↑annual general meeting), ANNUAL MEETING(Cf. ↑annual meeting), ANNUAL STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING(Cf. ↑annual stockholders' meeting), COMPANY MEETING(Cf. ↑company meeting), CREDITORS' MEETING(Cf. ↑creditors' meeting), GENERAL MEETING(Cf. ↑general meeting), EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING(Cf. ↑extraordinary general meeting), STATUTORY MEETING(Cf. ↑statutory meeting), STOP-WORK MEETING(Cf. ↑stop-work meeting)

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